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    Deep inside a steel fortress, hidden in the industrial district of Northern Colorado, the men and women of Idiot Genius spend their days sweating and slaving away, designing and printing t-shirts for the masses. We’ve spent the last ten years of our lives bending squeegees and burning endless screens just so you can have something to pull over your head in the morning. In fact, with all of the shirts we’ve printed in the past decade, there’s a pretty good chance you already have one of our shirts in your closet. It could even be the one you’re wearing right now. Just imagine…our fingers all over that shirt of yours. It’s like our fingers have been all over your body. You should feel honored.

    There is an endless list of epic stuff that has happened between these walls. We’ve aimed fully-automatic rifles on the morning squirrels with laser sights, held conference calls with B-list Hollywood stars, we’ve been interviewed on the local radio and shot amateur movies after-hours when the crew goes to sleep. Barbershop quartets have come to serenade us in white suits. We have had an Irish band blare bagpipes at us on St. Paddy’s Day. We've had half-naked hungover creeps puking in the sink while someone else gets questioned by the police. But don’t get the wrong idea – despite all of the shenanigans, we’re also workaholic maniacs that can somehow cram more hours into every day than humanly possible. We've perfected the art of being professionally unprofessional, working casually and at full speed. Our knack for being able to work our asses off while simultaneously acting like morons has earned us the honorable title Idiot Genius.

    We’re a clan of artists, curators, savants and drunkards – a union of fidgety underachievers banded together by humor, good music and counter-culture. Have a look at what we’re selling, but more importantly stick around and get to know us. Keep an eye on our newsletter for invitations to our open house parties, you won’t want to miss those.  Thanks for spending your dickin-around time on our site and we hope to see you around here again.